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Tak jsme se vydali opet do Zillertalu pojezdit. A nezustalo jen u toho..:)
Diky zajimave nadmorske vysce a nedavnemu vydatnemu prisnezeni byly snehove podminky vcelku dobre, misty vynikajici (az houlypowderovy). Luxusni slunecne pocasi, mraziva teplota a inteznivni vitr nas doprovazely po cele dva dny. V patek jsme sjeli vsechno, co nam padlo do oka, otocili se dole v aute pro cajk a uz kolem 17te hodiny varili caj a popijeli slivku na winterraumu Olperer hutte po skvelem sjezdu nedotcnenym terenem. V sobotu rano nastup pod Olperer (3476m), mrazivy a pohodovy vystup severnim hrebenem (PD/II) na vrchol, dolu stejne a nakonec temer 2km offpiste sjezd k autu.
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jedno letni odpoledne v na piskovne v mlikojedech pri stesku po zime....hlavni performer Fogliczech
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Last week of my trip I spent mainly in Italy. After having great time in South of France I first set for Pisa. Later, I found out that for tourist and even backapackers, Pisa is tower and thats all. Otherwise this some 60k town is absolute boring. So I stayed here just few hours and continued to Rome, where I was planning to use the hostel for the one last time as it was one of the last large cities. I prepaid two nights in cosy Ciak hostel, and somehow :) I managed to prolong my stay by one night more for free. Rome was kinda nonstop action with sightseeing during day and partying at night whether in clubs or in hostel. However, after three nights it was time to move on so I jumped on a train to Florence, where I arrived at night, did sightseeing and then took the train outskirts of the city to sleep there on a field and the next day again back. I saw few museums, David statue, Renaissance drawing masterpieces, but again, Florence wasn't much fun...cant write anymore, more in da album
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During this period of my travelling i was moving along the southern coast of France - Cota d'Ivore, Provence. First stop was just an hour in a border town with Spain, Cerbere, than was evening in Avignon and a night in Nimes, after that I took train to Marseille, where I spent night in the streets, after that followed Cannes and Antibes. Following night I spent in famous Exupery villa hostel in Cannes, than day trip to Monaco, with leaving for Pisa late at night from Cannes. However the train ended in the border town Ventimiglia where I slept on the beach and took a train to Pisa in the morning...the following and last set of photos.
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All the great memories i have from spain cant be expressed just in photos thus i have lots of them and i think they're definetely worth it :o) They were taken on the way Madrid(no photos, short time and camera not working)-Granada-Mulhacen-Granada(Alhambra)-Malaga-El Chorro(Caminito Del Rey)-Cordoba-Madrid(night)-Zaragoza(Expo)-Barcelona.

If you have any answer where and even what or who it is on the pic, just mail or ask me. njoy o)
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This is the first set of pics taken on my trip thru Europe, I shot these during the first week in Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris
Please, njoy o)
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one both rainy and sunny lovely evening in our cute cottage in Stepanov, and even a wonderful rainbow I nearly missed but still catched some photozz
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Tak nejak skoro vsechny fotky vicemene nijak neupraveny :o))
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