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Eurotrip, fourth week

133 fotek leden 2005 až říjen 2008 - zobrazení
During this period of my travelling i was moving along the southern coast of France - Cota d'Ivore, Provence. First stop was just an hour in a border town with Spain, Cerbere, than was evening in Avignon and a night in Nimes, after that I took train to Marseille, where I spent night in the streets, after that followed Cannes and Antibes. Following night I spent in famous Exupery villa hostel in Cannes, than day trip to Monaco, with leaving for Pisa late at night from Cannes. However the train ended in the border town Ventimiglia where I slept on the beach and took a train to Pisa in the morning...the following and last set of photos.

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