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Eurotrip, last week (4.-5.)

181 fotek leden 2005 až říjen 2008 - zobrazení
Last week of my trip I spent mainly in Italy. After having great time in South of France I first set for Pisa. Later, I found out that for tourist and even backapackers, Pisa is tower and thats all. Otherwise this some 60k town is absolute boring. So I stayed here just few hours and continued to Rome, where I was planning to use the hostel for the one last time as it was one of the last large cities. I prepaid two nights in cosy Ciak hostel, and somehow :) I managed to prolong my stay by one night more for free. Rome was kinda nonstop action with sightseeing during day and partying at night whether in clubs or in hostel. However, after three nights it was time to move on so I jumped on a train to Florence, where I arrived at night, did sightseeing and then took the train outskirts of the city to sleep there on a field and the next day again back. I saw few museums, David statue, Renaissance drawing masterpieces, but again, Florence wasn't much fun...cant write anymore, more in da album

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